Resume Writing Services

Tee, The Writer provides high - quality resume writing to help you achieve your career goals. It doesnt matter if you are a seasoned pro or right out of high school or college, we can create the perfect resume just for you.

Curriculum Vitae Services

For the Uber professional (no pun intended), sometimes you need more than just the traditional resume. You need a little more detail about your experience and accomplishments. In that case, our Curriculum Vitae service is just right for you. If you are a next level professional with a detailed career story to tell, we can create the perfect Curriculum Vitae (CV) for you.

Essay/Term Paper Writing

We get it. You would much rather be doing anything else besides writing that paper. Well, let Tee, The Writer handle that for you. WE LOVE TO WRITE PAPERS! IT'S WHAT WE DO! We will prepare custom made and plagiarism - free papers that'll impress your professor each and every time. You don't need to stress out about that essay, term paper, or any other writing assignment ever again. Let us handle that for you. Besides, life is too short to worry about writing papers.

Business Plan/Grant Writing

Have a great idea or plan that you are looking to put to paper? Let Tee, The Writer help put together that winning Business Plan/Proposal or Grant to help you bring your vision to reality. You have big dreams and ideas. Don't let the worry and stress of putting together a Business Plan/Proposal or Grant stand in your way. Let Tee, The Writer do what we do best. That is, craft a top-of-the-line document to help you move your goals forward.

Media Write - Up/Biography Writing

Have a story to tell? Need to get the word out? Say no more. Our Media Write - Up service is just for you. From Press Releases to Biographies and beyond, let Tee, The Writer put together a top notch document so you can start spreading the news.

Query Letter/Synopsis Writing

Helping writers to make their dreams come true is a huge part of what Tee, The Writer does. Although, we are not a literary agency - we do help writers connect with literary agencies by crafting attention - getting Query Letters and Story Synopses to help writers and poets to get their works noticed. Writing that perfect novel is just the beginning. Let Tee, The Writer help you catch the eye of that Literary Agent or Publisher. All we ask is that you remember us when you sign that mega book deal!

General Writing Services

Writing is what we do! No job is too big or small! Whatever you need written - WE CAN WRITE IT FOR YOU.

"Tee, The Writer" Services and Prices

Term Paper Assistance $45.00 ($5.00 for every page after seven)
Cover Letter Service $40.00
Resume Servic $75.00
Resume and Cover Letter $110.00
Rush Service (Resume) (Same Day or Next Day) $90.00
Rush Service (Resume and Cover Letter) (Same Day or Next Day) $145.00
Curriculum Vitae Service $115.00
Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Service $150.00
Interview Prep Service $35.00
Video Resume Service $40.00
Query Letter Writing $30.00
Proofreading and Editing Services (Prices to be Determined)
General/Other Writing Services (Prices to be Determined)
Business Plan and Grant Writing Services (Prices to be Determined)
Media Write – Up $50.00

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